Hill Country Plumbing 

                               General Knowledge

     So, if you can't tell, we are a true family-owned business who takes great pride in honesty and doing great work.  Hill Country Plumbing would never have lasted this long and would never have the vast loyal customer base that we have now if we didn't take great pride in our work and weren't honest with each and every customer.  Please don't get us confused with another company by the same name that is in Hayes County, south of Austin - we are in North Austin, and have been ever since we've been in business.  As the company moves into its next generation, it will still be run by the two golden rules that John Ray Sr. runs his business by: Provide great customer service and always be honest with the customer.  We want to be your plumber!

contact us:  (512) 258-0111
email us   :  jrjr91@yahoo.com
fax us        :  (512) 250-1179
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